transgress–verb (used without object)
1. to violate a law, command, moral code, etc.; offend; sin. – verb (used with object)
2. to pass over or go beyond (a limit, boundary, etc.): to transgress bounds of prudence.
3. to go beyond the limits imposed by (a law, command, etc.); violate; infringe : to transgress the will of god.
Transgressor - noun
someone who transgresses; someone who violates a law or command; "the way of transgressors is hard"

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What is Tranzgrezzor?

Tranzgrezzor is a Saxofone straight from heaven surrounded by ambient guitar-, base- and drumplay, in part from hell, and supported by lyrics about the mening of the universe, life and everything!

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Romans 2:25 For circumcision indeed profiteth, if thou be a doer of the law: but if thou be a transgressor of the law, thy circumcision is become uncircumcision. Romans 2:26 If therefore the uncircumcision keep the ordinances of the law, shall not his uncircumcision be reckoned for circumcision? Romans 2:27 and shall not the uncircumcision which is by nature, if it fulfil the law, judge thee, who with the letter and circumcision art a transgressor of the law?

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